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    Meet Elliot Compton

    Meet Elliot Compton

    Meet four-time World Caged Muay Thai Champion and CMBT athlete Elliot Compton, aka “The Dragon”. As a leading sportsman in his field, he is the first Australian to compete in and win the ONE Super Series, and the first athlete ever to compete twice in the league. However, his climb to the top was not all smooth-sailing. He endured a rough upbringing and his family moved from his hometown in England to different spots around Australia to provide him a better life. However, he lacked motivation in school and was constantly getting involved in fights on the street. The family’s final move to Brisbane was where Elliot began to turn his life around.

    Following in his father’s footsteps, he first stepped into the gym at just 5 years old and ignited a passion for combat sport. He has participated in a variety of different combat sports in his time, including Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Grappling, and Filipino Martial Arts. His colourful history with combat sports has influenced his signature fighting style for which he draws techniques from a range of different disciplines. Although it may not be a traditional approach, he’s guaranteed to put on a thrilling performance each and every time.

    His love for martial arts and competitive nature naturally lead to a professional career in the sport. Not one to be easily intimidated, Elliot has faced some of the world’s best fighters including Frank Giorgi, Tobias Alexandersson and Cosmo Alexandre, just to name a few. He quickly climbed the ranks in his striking career, achieving the following titles and accomplishments:

    WKBF Queensland Champion
    ISKA Queensland Champion
    WMC Queensland Champion
    WKBF Australian Champion
    2 x WKBF South-Pacific Champion
    4 x Caged Muay Thai Champion
    Siam Pro International Champion
    Lumpinee Stadium KO of the night
    Theprassit Stadium KO of the night
    Australian Muay Thai Awards KO of the year

    Originally using his skills as a self-defense mechanism against bullies who targeted him and others, The Dragon now uses his platform to inspire others to achieve their ultimate goals. His upbringing fostered a strong belief of standing up for what is right and passion for empowering others. He shares this positivity with his fans through his social media platforms, personal training and public speaking. Elliot truly is an inspiration, both inside the cage and out.