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Unlocking your true potential starts with being brave. Bravery starts with you.

The CMBT Strong web app gives you the tools and resources you need to eat better, move more, become more mindful and unlock your true potential.

CMBT Strong Web App

CMBT Strong Web App

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CMBT Strong is a web app designed to help you take control of your nutrition & training goals and make health, wellness & performance convenient. 

At CMBT, we believe that anyone brave enough to conquer adversity head on will unlock their true potential. But in order to be brave, we need to ensure that our mind, body and soul are prioritised. That means eating better, moving more, being more mindful and being connected with a tribe that believes what we believe. We call this the CMBT Bravery Machine!

Because once we achieve bravery, anything is possible. That's what this CMBT Strong Dashboard is all about. Providing you with the tools, trackers, meal plans, recipes, training programs, resources and education to help you become brave. 


The CMBT Strong web app provides you with meal plans set to your unique nutrient targets, so you can take the guesswork out and achieve results sustainably.


Get moving with our in-gym or at home training programs suited to all levels and goals, including planned progression. 


Access our learning hub that provides educational modules and courses, as well as breathing techniques, mobility videos and more. 

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When you eat better, move more, become more mindful and join a tribe with the same goals, that’s when you can achieve bravery. And when you’re brave, you can unlock your true potential. 


  • Calorie and macronutrient targets personally calculated for you
  • One full day meal plan tailored to your preferences
  • Ability to swap out meals and/or create your own meal plans
  • Access to our meal plan builder with 400+ easy & delicious recipes the whole family will love
  • Ability to generate a weekly shopping list
  • Ability to set high/low calorie days to suit your lifestyle and training performance


  • 8 week programs suited to your level of training
  • Gym-based or home-based programs
  • Track weight/reps/sets for each workout
  • Video demonstrations & coaching cues for each exercise
  • Ability to swap exercises within your program

Accountability, education & support:

  • Weekly self check ins
  • Interactive progress tracker
  • Daily goal setting & reflection feature
  • 85+ learning modules on all things nutrition, training & mindset
  • Access to our private Facebook Group.


This program is delivered via our interactive CMBT Strong web app. You will have access to all features of the web app, depending on what timeframe you select at checkout.

You’ll receive access to the CMBT Strong web app directly after you sign up and complete your onboarding consultation after checkout.

As soon you sign up for the program, you will be prompted to complete your onboarding consultation. Once completed, you will be provided with your calorie and macro targets and meal plans within the web app. You can choose from a selection of training programs, and you can also manually adjust your meal plans yourself. You can also re-calculate your macros at any time, or select new training programs at any time. If you have any issues, please contact us at

The CMBT Dashboard can easily be saved to the home screen of your personal device, giving it the functionality of an in-device app. These simple instructions are provided to you in the 'Getting Started' module.

The nutrition recommendations are completely customised to you, your goals and your preferences. The web app calculates your daily calorie target and macronutrient breakdown based on the information you provide during your onboarding consultation. The web app also provides you with an example day meal plan based on your targets, plus you’ll have access to the meal plan builder, which contains over 400+ delicious recipes, meals, snacks and foods so you’ll never get bored of eating the same thing!

The training program is a set program with planned progression. You will be able to choose between a gym-based program or a home-based program to suit your preference. You will have the option to swap exercises based on your abilities or equipment available to you. We have a comprehensive training database on the web app with video exercise demonstrations and coaching cues for every exercise. If you are after a customised training program due to injuries or limitations, we recommend reaching out to a qualified strength & conditioning coach, Physiotherapist or other professional.

For the gym-based training program you will need access to a gym. For the home-based training program you will need some dumbbells of varying weights and a mini resistance band.

You have the ability to register weekly checkins within the web app. This will help you stay acountable and register your info, that will become visible in the progress section of the web app. Your weekly checkin information is stored and you can go back and view this information. You do not have to do the checkins if you do not wish to. But to get the most out of the program, it is encouraged. There are no responses to your checkin. It is completely for your own self accountability and info tracking. If you require customised nutrition programing, we recommend reaching out to a qualified nutritionist or deititian.

Our customer service team is available to answer any questions via email ( Our web app has an extensive Learning Hub where you can access over 85 learning modules on a range of topics. We also have an exclusive Facebook group for our dashboard members where you will receive support and encouragement from other like minded individuals sharing this journey with you. We also share lots of tips and tricks in this group to provide further education and support!

This platform is delivered through a web app on your phone or website on your desktop. It is not downloaded through an app store but can be saved to your phone’s home screen like an app for easy access. A guide on how to save the web app to your phone is available in the Learning Hub on the platform.

Since this is a digital product which you gain access to directly after signing up, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. 

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