Caffeine and performance; the supplement that packs a punch!

Caffeine and performance; the supplement that packs a punch!

Caffeine is a popular product that is used by athletes at all levels. It’s performance enhancing benefits have been backed by research for years, and since gaining an edge over your opponents by having the best possible training is what all combat enthusiasts seek, I thought I would outline a few benefits for its use. 

What caffeine does in our bodies

When consumed, caffeine is absorbed through our gastrointestinal tract which then moves it through our membranes and is circulated to all body tissues. The effect is felt throughout the whole body, stimulating the central nervous system causing alertness right down to the metabolic level, increasing norepinephrine (adrenaline) in the bloodstream. These effects not only improve our physical performance such as power, strength, aerobic and muscular endurance, it also boosts cognitive function helping with skill performance, decisions making and our ability to sustain concentration.

Benefits for the combat athlete

Research shows caffeine increases our body’s ability to produce energy from glucose, resulting in increased intensity during training. This is done by affecting substrate utilisation during exercise; with combat sports requiring energy from both oxidative and non-oxidative systems, this is a massive benefit for fighters.

When assessing training intensities, they are often rated on a 1 to 10 scale called the rating of perceived exertion (RPE). This is a valuation of how hard you pushed in training, with 10 being the absolute maximum you could give during the session. Under this criteria, caffeine supplementation research shows that individuals training intensities were maintained for longer, while their RPE were unchanged. This is an edge combat athletes can gain where they show a reduced feeling of fatigue over their opponents.

As athletes may experience, the busy lifestyle and hectic training schedule can often result in a dip in sleep quality, which can result in physical and mental fatigue.  With known cognitive benefits of improved concentration and alertness, caffeine can be a valuable supplement to counteract the expected drop in performance in such circumstances.

In summary caffeine can

-          significantly increase the workout intensity 

-          significantly increase endurance

-          Improve concentration and alertness

After consumption, elevated levels showed in the blood within 15-45 minutes, with peak concentration reached at approximately 60 minutes.
These performance measures are important aspects of combat sport training, and I recommend athletes include caffeine in their supplementation routine, particularly 60 minutes before training.


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As a performance dietitian I only recommend supplements to my athletes that are proven to give them an edge, both in training and competition. With strong research supporting the benefits of caffeine supplementation for enhancing performance, I believe it should be an essential component to their pre workout routine. 

Kristof Szanto

The Performance Dietitian


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