About Us


CMBT (pronounced "combat") was established to provide combat athletes with the highest quality, most effective, banned substance tested, nutritional and sports supplementation possible.

Developed by combat athletes, combat dietitians and sports scientists, CMBT was created as a vehicle to assist in an athletes performance, recovery and overall health.

With every batch being tested and qualified by HASTA, a WADA banned substance testing authority, our consumers can feel comfortable that what they are putting in their body is safe and the product will perform the function it is designed to perform.

It is our purpose to ensure that every athlete is consuming safe, nutritionally superior products to support their combat activity, help reduce injury, aid recovery and therefore help to increase longevity on the mat, in the ring and cage.

We are #Forthecombative


In 2018, CMBT was founded by Sel Berdie & Miles Muecke, who came together with a common passion for combat sports. 

Sel began his career as an exercise scientist and sports nutrition product development manager for some of the biggest sports nutrition brands in the world, as well as played professional sport at the highest level. After retiring from professional sport, Sel needed a competitive outlet and found a love for MMA, which led him to competing in both kickboxing and BJJ competitions. 

Miles starting training martial arts while at University, competing regularly in BJJ & submission grappling competitions and leading to amateur MMA competition. While building a career in law, Miles went on to open his own Martial Arts Academy with two of his best mates and this is where Miles and Sel met.

After developing a strong relationship on the mats, Sel and Miles decided to go into business together, creating a product development and marketing agency focussed on health and wellness brands. Over the years the two helped hundreds of businesses develop thousands of health food and sports nutrition products with a desire to create a healthier world.

After suffering from regular and severe burn out, Miles could not find any nutritional products on the market specifically designed for combat athletes. Sel and Miles started to realise how many members of their own community were suffering from a lack of nutrients in their diet, sufficient protein intake and nutritional products that would support performance and recovery for combat athletes. This was the catalyst for the idea to start CMBT. 

Having experience in sports nutrition and also knowing what combat sports athletes needed, Sel and Miles began their mission to create the most nutritionally superior formulas designed to assist combat athletes with performance and recovery on and off the mats, as well as overall health and wellness. 

The mission has only just begun...