CMBT: Fuel Your Passion

CMBT: Fuel Your Passion

Fuel Your Passion is about reconnecting to the core of why we started CMBT. We know that with the right tools, motivation, nutrition and encouragement we all have the power to live a life we are passionate about. 

Unlocking a life of passion can only be achieved if we take action. If we commit ourselves to the work that it takes, our dreams can become a reality - And this has been true for so many around us. 

We are privileged to be surrounded by leaders in our community all living a life of passion, from artists to business people, to athletes, all aligning with our mission and using tools and resources available to them,  to be the best version of themselves.

We wanted to celebrate them and share their stories. 

Over the coming weeks we will be launching new videos, featuring the story of a leader in our community, living a life they’re passionate about. 

Check out our trailer below:

We want you to be inspired and encouraged. We want you to unlock the tools you need to live to your potential and chase your dreams. 

We are here to fuel your passion. 

The FIRST episode of the Fuel Your Passion series has just been launched.

Check out Fuel Your Passion feat. Carlos Lara now