Spotlight Ingredient: PeakO2

Spotlight Ingredient: PeakO2
PeakO2 is the game-changing ingredient in Octane, giving it the cutting edge that makes it the best performance-enhancing supplement for combat athletes. It consists of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown from whole oats to preserve peak bioactivity for ultimate performance. This blend of powerful adaptogens helps athletes ‘adapt’ to and overcome physical and mental stress. PeakO2 is also rich in beta-glucans and L-Ergothioneine that combats damage from oxidative stress, providing athletes with the strength to train longer, recover faster and feel fantastic in just seven days. This single, versatile ingredient improves performance from all angles, such as:
Increased workout duration
Improved time to exhaustion
Maximum power output
Peak strength
Anaerobic peak power
Exercise capacity
It may seem too good to be true, but don’t just take our word for it. The University of North Carolina undertook a 21-day clinical study which revealed that people who consumed PeakO2 improved their time to exhaustion by a remarkable 70 seconds from baseline compared to the placebo group who improved only 5 seconds. Another study revealed that athletes consuming four grams of PeakO2 per day improved their peak power output by 17.6% over the baseline in only seven days. In comparison, the placebo group decreased by 11.8% from the baseline. Efficient oxygen utilisation is a key impact of PeakO2 that enhances performance. PeakO2 increases the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use within a certain period of time and ensures that it’s used effectively. Training on the mats can be extremely demanding of combat athletes, making PeakO2 an ideal ingredient to enhance cardiovascular fitness and sustain maximum power throughout a session. PeakO2 is just one of the reasons why Octane is unrivalled in providing combat athletes with the ultimate performance-enhancing supplement that increases power, maximises output and supports muscle repair. If you’re ready to kick your skills up a notch, Octane is for you.