OCTANE: Your Body's Ultimate Defence Shield

OCTANE: Your Body's Ultimate Defence Shield
In a time where immunity and protecting your health is being discussed by everyone, it’s easy to forget that the first line of defence starts with what you ingest into your body. Unfortunately, we are right in the middle of a scary health pandemic that is completely out of our control. What is within our control is staying as healthy as possible during this time and improving our bodies' resilience to fight any diseases or viruses that we may come into contact with. When we were creating Octane, the first physiological property we wanted to promote was immunity. Just like combat sports, it's important to think of the lines of defence when it comes to immunity. The first line of defence includes physical and chemical barriers that are always ready and prepared to defend the body from infection. These include your skin, tears & mucus. The second line of defence is a group of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect the body. This is the immune system; and where CMBT’s range of nutritional products use specific ingredients to help boost the immune system. One of these ingredients that you may not have heard about that is extremely effective in keeping your body firing on all cylinders is Cell Charge. Cell Charge is a fulvic acid blend that literally comes from the dirt. It’s an organic compound found in water and soil, made when plants and animals decompose. You’re probably thinking how could this be good for me? Read on to find out why this key ingredient could be the thing to keep you pushing through all the viruses and nasties that are currently going around. You might not hear fulvic acid named quite as often as probiotics, fish oil, or kombucha for your health, but it’s extremely important for helping to boost the effectiveness of the immune system, aid digestion, detox, and protect your overall health. Because we’ve depleted our soils (through pesticides, herbicides, and reusing the dirt for multiple crops without replenishing organic nutrients), our bodies are lacking the fulvic and humic acids they need for optimal health. Farmers used to reintroduce compost and organic compounds to the soil after a round of crops, in addition to rotating crops to ensure nutrients were getting back into the soil. This is more sustainable, better for the environment, and better for those consuming the crops grown. Now, with commercialised farming, there’s no time to let the soil rest between crops. “Constant-cropping” in quick succession can lead to an overgrowth of detrimental pathogens, and a reduction in beneficial ones. In the end, this could mean more pesticides (to keep the bugs in line), less nutrients, and more chemicals in our food. (Chen) It’s a vicious cycle. Octane contains a rich dose of fulvic acids found in a trademarked ratio known as Cell Charge. The biggest benefit of Cell Charge can be found in its immune-boosting properties.

Here’s how:

Cell Charge found in Octane boosts levels of soil-based organisms.

People are realising that our soil is depleted, we’re lacking minerals, and it’s time to go back to the earth for the answers. Cell Charge does just that. It replenishes your body with naturally-occurring SBOs, which have been shown to improve immune system response. According to a recent study, this type of organism has been useful for anyone suffering from allergies, fatigue, insomnia, and chronic illness. Specifically, SBOs shift cytokines from TH2 to TH1 (TH1 cells are the host immunity effectors against intracellular bacteria and protozoa).

Cell Charge found in Octane can fight pathogens

With the rate of parasitic infections at an all-time high, conventional medicine testing and treatment does not live up to the demand. Truthfully, nearly all of us are living with pathogens and parasites, and even if they’re not causing any destructive symptoms, they could be negatively impacting your health. If pathogens are causing symptoms, like digestive issues, cramping, itching, rashes, or many other possible clues, fulvic acid can be a beneficial addition to your cleansing protocol. Recent studies have shown that fulvic acid fights pathogens and boosts antioxidants, which are very important in preventing oxidative stress and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Cell Charge in Octane promotes gut health

Gut issues, like IBS, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and leaky gut are becoming daily issues for the population. One thing science has proven is that a healthy gut equals a healthy life. Many studies link a healthy gut, with plenty of beneficial bacteria, to better overall health. Fulvic acid has the ability to boost the health of your digestive system by replenishing healthy nutrients and enzymes.

Cell Charge in Octane can help with the absorption of nutrients

Fulvic acid is bioavailable, meaning it’s easy for your body to absorb and process. Due to fulvic acid having a low molecular weight, it can pass through your cells easily and transport minerals quickly. It can carry up to 60 times its own weight! And “lowers the surface tension of water,” which allows the water to penetrate and hydrate other molecules with more efficiency.

Cell Charge in Octane contains minerals essential for overall health

Fulvic acid contains more than 70 trace minerals. Macro-elements are essential for health with ingredients such as phosphorus (for energy), magnesium (for chlorophyll), calcium, nitrogen (to produce enzymes and proteins), and sulfur (for amino acids) being highly prevalent and bioavailable in fulvic acid. So whilst it's important to remain vigilant with practising good hygiene, social distancing and observing all health organisations recommendation, don’t forget to look after your body by fueling it with the best earth grown nutrients around found in abundance in CMBT Octane. Selasi Berdie CMBT director BEx Sci AdvDip Complimentary Medicine