OCTANE: The Ultimate Training Partner

OCTANE: The Ultimate Training Partner

The world’s best combat sports performance supplement is here - CMBT OCTANE. If you need a supplement that boosts athletic performance and aids with recovery, then look no further. OCTANE is CMBT’s brand new formula that is designed to be consumed by combat athletes during their workout. The supplement is composed of a unique blend of fermented BCAA, PeakO2, Cell Charge and glutamine. Unfamiliar with these ingredients? Let us explain…


Fermented BCAA (short for Branch Chain Amino Acid) refers to the group of amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine which have been subjected to a natural soaking process. BCAAs are essential to strengthen the immune system and maintain intestinal health, as well as providing various benefits to athletes such as:

  • Aid in muscle recovery: BCAAs help to repair the damage done to muscles through strenuous exercise
  • Boost performance and endurance: they are believed to function as a catalyst for muscle protein synthesis
  • Increase muscle growth: BCAAs stimulate satellite cells that latch onto muscle fibers


PeakO2 is a combination of six natural adaptogens (mushrooms) that help athletes conquer mental and physical strain, reducing these boundaries to peak performance. Clinical studies have shown support for PeakO2 contributing to explosive power, increasing endurance, and minimizing exhaustion.

Cell Charge

Cell Charge is a 100% natural fulvic acid extracted from a rare earth deposit that has an abundance of flavonoids, organic acids, concentrated polyphenols, electrolytes and fulvic mineral complexes. Reducing inflammation, improving exercise recovery and boosting energy levels are just a few of the benefits that Cell Charge can provide.


Glutamine is an amino acid that serves as a building block of protein and has an essential role in the immune system and intestinal health. If the body’s need for glutamine is not met, it may turn to other methods such as breaking down muscle in order to achieve a sufficient level of amino acid. Ingesting a bonus source of glutamine may reduce this risk and protect muscles.

This combination of ingredients makes Octane a unique performance-enhancing supplement with a wide variety of benefits to combat athletes. Find out for yourself and purchase a tub from our online store or select martial arts gyms around Australia.


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