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This supplement guide was created by industry experts and approved by our CMBT advisory board, to give you an up to date overview of what supplements combat sports athletes and participants should be using, to help support diet, performance and recovery.

If you participate in combat sports you know that it’s not the same as just going into a gym and lifting weights. It involves significant challenges to a variety of physiological systems of our body. A lot of us train multiple disciplines and even multiple times a day, including MMA, BJJ, Striking, Wrestling and more. Our sport is all about skill and performance progression, so we are always looking to get more out of ourselves, our recovery and our performance.

But it seems as though all of the information we have out there about supplements and diet relates to bodybuilding or body composition and isn’t specific to combat sports. 

Everyone knows diet is the key to changing your body composition, but more and more of us are seeking ways to effectively enhance our performance as well as speed up our recovery from intense sessions. 

This everything you need to know guide about supplements for combat sports performance and recovery goes into detail about:

What supplements you should be taking, if any
Supplements for energy and performance
Supplements that aid in recovery
Supplements that support overall health and wellbeing
What to look for when choosing a sports supplement 
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Free Supplement Guide
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