Volkanovski Steals UFC Featherweight Title

Volkanovski Steals UFC Featherweight Title

He’s done it again! A huge congratulations to Alex Volkanovski for absolutely smashing the UFC Championship last Saturday and achieving a unanimous win from the judges. He is now the second Australian to win a UFC Championship after breaking former champion Max Holloway’s 14-fight featherweight win streak.

Holloway’s heavy hitting style was no match for Volkanovski’s game plan, using feints, counter punches and a UFC record-breaking number of leg kicks to disrupt his opponent. Two of the judges scored the fight 48-47 in Volkanovski’s favour and the third scored 50-45. He emerged with a high number of significant strikes, 172-103.

Volkanovski is widely considered to be the greatest ever featherweight MMA fighter and it’s not hard to understand why. His own streak now sits at an unbelievable 18 straight wins, undefeated since 2013. Even so, he faced significant doubt in the lead up to his match.

"There were a lot of doubters, I looked at a pros' picks and not one of them picked me," he said.

This only fuelled his determination to take out the championship and change their minds for next time. Sure enough, the blood, sweat and tears paid off and his tireless training and sheer talent shone through on the day.

Thank you to all of the CMBT community who rallied behind Alex and formed the ultimate support team. Although he may have faced doubt from the top, he had the whole Australian combat community backing him all the way with the CMBT team leading the pack. We doubt anyone will make the mistake of underestimating him again, and we’ll be there to make sure.