FIGHT YOUR FIGHT with Skye Nicolson

FIGHT YOUR FIGHT with Skye Nicolson

We interviewed young Australian boxer and aspiring Olympic gold medalist Skye Nicolson for our YouTube series FIGHT YOUR FIGHT.

At just 22-years-old, Skye already has 130 fights under her belt and her fierce motivation makes her a worthy competitor.

“I know what my goals are, I know what I want to achieve and every single day I live and breathe that dream,” says Skye.

“I’m ready to really make my mark on the world stage at the Olympics next year.”

Beginning her boxing career at 12-years-old and competing within 8 months of learning, Skye followed in the footsteps of her older brothers.

Her late brother Jaime, who passed away a year before she was born, competed in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships and, according to Skye, was “one of the best boxers Australia has ever produced.”

Talent definitely runs in the genes. Skye’s older brother and boxing coach Allan Nicolson says that one of Skye’s best attributes is the fact that she’s difficult to hit.

“The opponent will try to hit her and they’ll have not a lot of success...and she’ll make them pay for it,” says Nicolson.

Skye’s other boxing coach Wayne Tolten says that her unwavering focus and unique talent is what makes her the best.

“She makes huge sacrifices that nobody sees,” says Tolten.

“She’s also got that god-given natural talent, so in combination with all those other characteristics it just makes her special.”

Yet Skye’s boxing career has not always been smooth sailing. In 2016, a controversial decision ended Skye’s Olympic campaign and nearly crushed her spirit.

After taking a step back, Skye decided to work harder than ever and has continued to win fights at prestigious world-wide events including a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2017.

Tolten is confident that she’ll win gold in Tokyo next year and we’re backing her all the way.

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