Alex Volkanovski Preparing for UFC Title Fight

Alex Volkanovski Preparing for UFC Title Fight

In a one sided affair, Alex Volkanovski left Brazil having dethroned the king of Rio, Jose Aldo. However, after being amitted to the emergency room in Santiago, Chile after contracting a nasty leg infection in Brazil, Alex learned of the news he had been overlooked for the UFC featherweight title bout in favour of a match up between Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar.

To many, this has been looked upon as a huge slap in the face, however, Volkanovski is over the snub, and certain that his time will come in 2019. He said, “its annoying to think I wont be getting the initial shot after doing what I did in Brazil, but in saying that, we have spoken to the UFC and I have guarantees that I am next in line”.

Having recovered from his leg infection, Volkanovski shed some light on his plans to stay ready for UFC 240 in Edmunton, Canada, “Max and Frankie have been matched a couple of times before, and for whaterver reason this fight always seems to fall over. I will be in camp prepearing like I am fighting on July 27, and the UFC knows I’ll be ready to step up to save this card”.

One thing is certain, Volkanovski knows his path in 2019 and the future is bright. The newly crowned No.1 Contender of the UFC featherweight division isn’t done yet, and his confidence in his ability is only getting stronger each day. UFC fans in Australia and around the world have been put on notice; Alexander ‘the Great’ is coming for that UFC belt in 2019

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