Alex Volkanovski is a Man on a Mission

Alex Volkanovski is a Man on a Mission

Alex Volkanovski is a man on a mission. A record of 18-1 and riding a 15 fight win streak (5-0 UFC), Volkanovski has made light work of each opponent Sean Shelby and the UFC have put in his way.

It hasn’t all be smooth sailing though. Volkanovski has seen his fair share of set backs and mishaps. Leading into UFC Auckland (2017), taking on experienced Mizuto Hirota, Alex had a health scare in the final month of preparation, suffering from a bad bout of staph. Low on preparation, but confident of recovery, skills and ability, Volkanovski soldiered on undeterred (albeit underdone). At UFC Sydney (2017), Volkanovski‘s preparation was flawless, only to have multiple opponent changes within two weeks from the fight, eventually landing on New Zealand up and comer (and camp team mate), Shane Young, impressing on debut.

Fast forward UFC Perth (2018) and Jeremy Kennedy, Alex came into the bout with a knee issue that threatened his participation, and in UFC Boise against top ranked featherweight Darren Elkins, Alex suffered an injury at the worst possible time- a rib cartilage tear only three days out from the fight. Only after medical attention and advice from the UFC doctors was Volkanovski confident of his participation.

Not at all smooth sailing, but on all occasions, Alex Volkanovski prevailed with victories in impressive fashion, almost as though there was something greater at stake.

Alex Volkanovski has a strength not seen to the eye. Deep down, Volkanovski has a determination and drive that you won’t find in many other athletes. The devoted father of two proudly states that he fights for his family, and he admits to putting it all on the line, knowing that with each fight camp, training session and victory in the history books, he is one step closer to the life he has visualised for his family.

“I truely believe I can be the champion of the UFC featherweight division. Chad Mendes is a huge fight, but he is just another fighter in my way. I will win this fight, I will knock him out, I will continue on my journey to become champion”, says Volkanovski.

Whether you like the sport or not, there is something special about a person who knows where he is going and the reason he is going there. Alex Volkanovski is a proud husband, father and friend. He is a fighter, he is focused. Volkanovski a man on a mission, and the UFC featherweight division is on notice.

UFC 232 takes place on December 29, 2018 at the Forum, Los Angeles.