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COMBATSTRONG is an initiative by CMBT to support gym owners and their communities facing severe hardship, while being forced to close over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many gym owners simply run their gyms through love and support from their local community and barely make any money to survive, let alone save for a gym closure for an unknown period of time. But the value that these gyms provide is priceless and without them, a big part of our quality of life would be lost. We as the combat community need to make sure that these gyms can survive and recover during this unprecedented event. We need to come together and support our gyms, gym owners and community to make sure we have a place to train when this is all over.

CMBT is on a mission to support all gyms going through hardship during this time. We will be donating a dollar amount from each sale to a gym of your choice.

Support our mission to save our gyms #stronger together