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    C3: The Ultimate Immunity Booster

    C3: The Ultimate Immunity Booster
    The saying health is wealth couldn’t be more true given the current pandemic that sweeps the globe. Treating your body right at a time like this is paramount to ensuring your immune system can fight off disease, which can considerably reduce the odds of getting sick. What often isn’t reported about viruses such as COVID-19 is that those with strong immune systems can come into contact with the virus may not be affected at all. So how do we bolster our immune system? Rather than looking at wonder drugs, vaccines and other short cut methods, it's best to look to mother nature to provide the answers. Staying hydrated, getting fresh air and soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun are musts for a strong immune system. Another key to a strong immune system is staying active, whether that be doing combat sports or an adjusted form of training during this isolation period. However, one thing that is often not realised is exercise can also lead to a weakened immune system when you exert your limits and don’t recover adequately. This creates a fine balance on what to do with both your training and recovery methods. When it comes to ensuring your recovery is at its optimum, nutrition plays one of the most valuable roles in keeping pesky viruses away. An ingredient that you might not know about is Curcurmin, the primary bioactive substance found in Turmeric. Curcumin is loaded with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Here are a few of the ailments Curcumin can help with: Common Colds As the temperature changes from warm to cold, it is more likely than ever for individuals to catch a cold or flu. Curcumin helps the body naturally cleanse the respiratory tract, Curcumin helps fight the infection and its anti-inflammatory qualities relieve individuals from the direct impact of cold and flu. Viral Replication Curcumin helps in boosting immunity and fighting against viral replication of a disease, which may have an incubation period ranging from 1 or 2 days to years. Reduces Inflammation Curcumin suppresses various inflammatory molecules which are responsible for the causes of the damage caused by viruses. It helps in reducing symptoms and providing relief. Now, you may be thinking that it's as simple as grabbing a jar of turmeric powder and adding it to your next post-workout shake. However, like most functional ingredients, there is a complex nature to the biological availability of Curcumin. Research has shown a patented ratio of Curcumin known as C3 Complex, which is made up of Curcumin, Demethoxycurcumin and Bisdemthoxycurcumin, holds the key to optimal recovery and immune-boosting properties. The consumption of Curcumin in a patented ratio combined with Bioperine (black pepper) is more effective to athletes due to being more bioavailable and it can protect the body more efficiently from oxidative stress. CMBT Reload utilises C3 Complex in a clinical dosage to ensure you are optimising your recovery in the form of reducing inflammation, replenishing your body with clean plant-based proteins, but also ensuring you are fighting off any potential viral infections with this trademarked form of Curcuminoids. The combination of Bioavailable proteins & antioxidants ingestions combined together after high-intensity exercise has also been proven to mitigate the eccentric-induced decrements in muscle function and reduce muscle soreness in the acute time frame (0–24 h) following the exercise bout. In simple terms, you feel less sore so you can get back to training quicker. Collectively, a combined protein antioxidant supplement such as CMBT Reload has been proven to be beneficial in the recovery from combat activity and other high-intensity sports, making it an ideal beverage post-training. Stay safe, happy and healthy. Selasi Berdie CMBT Director BEx Sci AdvDip Complimentary Medicine